Do I have to remove Kool Kurtains in the winter?

Several customers leave Kool Kurtains up on run in sheds year round even in colder climates.  They feel Kool Kurtains help to keep out rain and snow and preserve bedding.  Additionally, they feel Kool Kurtains provide protection from the cold winter winds.


Do Kool Kurtains come in additional colors?

(other than Black, Dark Bay, Natural Weave)

Kool Kurtains can be special ordered in four other colors: white, hunter green, grey and beige.  Contact us for swatches and costs.


Can I customize Kool Kurtains in different sizes or for different applications?

Absolutely. We can make Kool Kurtains for most any application including dog kennels, horse trailers, and residential and industrial uses. Please contact us for your shade, insect or bird screen needs.


Do all of the kool kurtains colors have the same heat deflection rate?

Yes, the color you choose does not affect the heat deflection rate.


What is the difference between light and dark colored Kool Kurtains?

The deflection rate of the sun’s heat rays is exactly the same for all colors of Kool Kurtains.  The only difference is that the darker colors allow slightly less light to pass through.  For areas that you want to discourage flying insects, the darker colors may work best.


Where else can I use Kool Kurtains?

Kool Kurtains can be used almost anywhere where shade or bug or bird screening is desired.  We  do custom sizing and applications.


Can Kool Kurtains be used with other farm animals?

Kool Kurtains have not been formally tested with many other farm animals or livestock besides horses, but we have no reason to doubt they will be equally effective for screening heat and bugs.  We will work with you if you wish to test another application of Kool Kurtains.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Kool Kurtains are made to order.  We ship within six business days of order.  (most times, orders ship much quicker)