Measuring for Kool Kurtains™

Here are instructions for measuring and ordering the correct Kool Kurtains:


Barn Aisle or Run-in-Shed Application

  • Kool Kurtains Panels come standard 35.5” wide. 
  • Kool Kurtains come standard lengths in 6” increments 7.0’ through 10.0’ 
  • Kool Kurtains have a 2” reinforced header with grommets at the top of each panel for easy installation and application.
  • Kool Kurtains are usually attached to the inside header of the aisle or run-in.
  • Ideally, Kool Kurtains panels should overlap each other by 4 to 6 inches.
  • Kool Kurtains should never touch the ground or cover a center post or pole. 
  • Kool Kurtains come in three standard colors:  Dark Bay (chocolate brown), Black, and Natural Weave (light beige tweed).
  • All colors provide the same scientifically-tested protection:  up to 80% deflection of the sun’s heat rays.
  • Custom lengths and applications are available.


To measure for Kool Kurtains, you need to take two measurements:

1.   Width     for calculating the number of panels needed

  • Measure from one side of the aisle/run-in to the other side.
 _______ inches
(If the run-in has a pole or post in the middle, measure each section separately.)
  • If there is space to have the panel overlap the end sides of the aisle or run-in, add 4”
+_______ inches
  • To determine the number of panels needed, divide the total no of inches in each section by 33”,
    (this allows for a few inches overlap of panels).

Total _______ inches

Divide by 33 = ________

 Round up to the nearest whole number.                      Number of Panels Needed ________


2.   Length

  • Measure from where the panels will be attached to the aisle or run-in header to the ground
 ________ inches
  • Subtract 4” so panels do not touch the ground.

-4 inches = _______ inches

  • Since the grade can vary from one end of a shed to another, be sure to measure the shortest length so the panels do not touch the ground
  • Divide inches by 12 for desired ft length of Kool Kurtains panels
 ________ ft
  • and select appropriate length.

Kool Kurtains come standard lengths in 6” increments 7.5′ through 10’

Length of Panels ________ ft