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Please read all directions before installing or using Kool Kurtains.


In order to maximize the effectiveness and life of your Kool Kurtains, and to ensure your warranty, please read and carefully follow the Installation, Acquainting Your Horse with Kool Kurtains , Care, Cleaning and Storage directions contained in

this product information brochure.


Made in the USA

Kool Kurtains are manufactured entirely in the USA.   Materials used to manufacture Kool Kurtains, including our CS80 textile,

are made in the USA. We believe this fact, coupled with our commitment to quality, will be important to our customers.


CS 80®

This Kool Kurtains product is made from CSTechnologies’ exclusive textile, CS 80®, (Certified Shade 80) a durable, weather resistant, anti-microbial textile that has been scientifically tested and certified to a deflection rate of up to 80% of the sun’s heat rays. The percentage of deflection varies with the angle of the sun. This technologically- advanced textile and its application via Kool Kurtains, provides many advantages for horse, farm and ranch operations of all sizes.






Kool Kurtains: Functionality and Benefits


Functionality                                                                    Benefits

Keeps barns, stables, stalls and      Provides a cooler, healthier

run-in-sheds cooler by deflecting   environment for horses and

the heat rays of the sun                   people


Helps screen out insects                  Reduces need for insecticides

Saves money on fly sprays

Reduces the health risks                   Reduces aggravation from

associated with flying insects          biting flies

such as mosquitoes and flies  

Reduces use of pesticides


Saves energy costs                           Helps reduce fan use          

Allows for airflow                              Minimizes the opportunity                   for growth of mold or mildew


Helps screen out birds                       Reduces health risk of toxic

     bird droppings


Kool Kurtains Product Line                                               Usage

Kool Kurtains 36” wide Panels         Barn aisles, run- in- sheds

in 7 lengths                                              stall doors, any opening

where shade/cooling isdesired

Kool Kurtains Dutch Door Topper   Stalls: Dutch door style

Kool Kurtains Trailer Pack              Keep Your Horse Cool at the

Pack includes:                                                            Show

2 rear panels and 2 escape door


Kool Kurtains are also available in KK Window Covers and KK Fido Screen for dog crates.        Kustom Kool Kurtains also available.  

                                 We make shade. .

Installation Directions

Panels for Barn Aisles or Run-in-Sheds

There are options for attaching Kool Kurtains Panels to the inside header of the barn aisle or run in shed.

  • Use a washer and screw through the grommet holes to attach to the inside of the header of aisle or run in shed;


  • Install screw eyes and use zip ties to attach Kool Kurtains panels.


Some customers have related to us that they use large cup hooks to hang Kool Kurtains, although caution is needed to ensure open ended hooks are secure from horse’s reach and that Kool Kurtains are secure on the open hooks in wind. Open hooks can damage the fibers of Kool Kurtains.


Other customers have told us they have used heavy duty staples to hang Kool Kurtains …it’s personal choice and largely dictated by how much wind the Kool Kurtains will encounter.


In most applications, two attachment points are sufficient to attach each Kool Kurtains panel to the header since with an overlap, additional attachments points will be required for an overlapping panel.   When inserting a screw through the Kool Kurtains panel header where there is no grommet hole, insert the screw first to avoid tearing the fibers of the webbing in the Kool Kurtains panel header.


Installing Odd Number of Kool Kurtains Panels

When installing an odd number of Kool Kurtains panels, install the center panel first and then the far two end panels. Then evenly space the remaining panels on the left and right openings.




Installing Even Number of Kool Kurtains Panels

When installing an even number of Kool Kurtains panels on an opening, install the two center panels with the appropriate overlap first, then install the next two panels working outward to the sides of the structure. All the panels should be evenly placed with the same overlap of panels.


Ideal Installation of Kool Kurtains

The ideal installation of Kool Kurtains would:

  • have 4” to 5” of overlap of panels (offers best protection from flies and sun)
  • have a 4” overlap of the sides of the structure
  • hang 4” to 5” from the ground
  • have all panels evenly spaced on the opening


Installation Don’ts

  • Never cover a center post with Kool Kurtains
  • Never allow Kool Kurtains to touch the ground.

          Kool Kurtains should be at least 4” to 5” from the ground to

        ensure horses do not step on the panels.



       Installing Kool Kurtains Dutch Door Toppers

The Kool Kurtains Dutch Door should be attached securely to outside frame above the stall door.

Attach to a solid header or secured door frame with screws and washers or screw eyes and zip ties.

It is recommended to secure the Dutch Door Topper to at least three points on the top of the door frame, if a secure frame, or secure to building structure.

Attach to outside of header, if possible.

If possible, hang the Dutch Door Topper so the Kool Kurtains Dutch Door topper can be lifted and the top of the Dutch Door closed, if needed.


Acquainting Your Horse with Kool Kurtains


Acquainting your horse(s) with Kool Kurtains is required.

Horses react differently to something new.   Upon installation, most horses are totally fine with Kool Kurtains and will quickly learn to walk in and out without issue.   Some horses may need to be slowly and carefully introduced to Kool Kurtains to alleviate any fear or hesitation.

It is advisable to tie the center Kool Kurtains panel back after installation to allow horses to adjust to going in and out with the Kool Kurtains in place. Leaving one panel out during installation until the horses get used to walking in and out may be advisable.

For some horses, it may be best to hand walk them in and out through the tied-back Kool Kurtains a few times and then, when the horse becomes comfortable, walk them in and out with the Kool Kurtains in the down position. Please always use your judgment based on personal safety when attempting to hand walk a horse through the panels. Once a horse realizes the benefit of a cooler, bug-free run in, they generally are very eager to walk through the Kool Kurtains panels.

Always use good judgment and concern for personal safety when acquainting your horse with Kool Kurtains.

Horses should be monitored, especially directly after installation, to ensure they do not chew the Kool Kurtains panels. Should a horse have a tendency to chew, spraying Kool Kurtains with a product that discourages chewing may be advisable.


Usage of Kool Kurtains


Night Tie Back

In many climates, the evening time brings dramatically cooler air. You may wish to tie back Kool Kurtains at night to allow max of cool air to enter the barn….but, of course, be sure to untie Kool Kurtains prior to the sun penetrating the barn in the am.


Winter Removal

The benefits of Kool Kurtains are largely associated with warm weather, but several users have commented that Kool Kurtains also save bedding by limiting rain and snow from entering run-in-shed or stalls. Although Kool Kurtains keep the sun from warming the run-in-shed, they also help limit the wind from entering the shed. Removing Kool Kurtains during the winter is suggested but not required.


Care, Cleaning and Storage of Kool Kurtains


With proper care and attention, your Kool Kurtains products will last for several years.


Kool Kurtains are made from a durable technically advanced textile, CS80. CS80 is mold and mildew resistant, weather resistant, flame resistant, anti-microbial, and fade resistant. With basic care, Kool Kurtains should last and perform for several years.

Key Care Notes

Although Kool Kurtains are extremely durable, there are a few care elements that need to be observed to ensure longevity and continued performance.

  • Ensure Horses Do Not Play, Pull or Chew

Our testing shows that horses generally do not bite or chew on Kool Kurtains, but there are always exceptions. Monitor horses, especially immediately after installing Kool Kurtains, to ensure they are not chewing or pulling on Kool Kurtains which can damage the fibers and can be harmful to a horse’s health if ingested. If horses are biting or playing with Kool Kurtains, spraying with a chew prevention substance can discourage biting or chewing.

  • Do Not Fold Kool Kurtains

Folding Kool Kurtains for periods of time can result in creases that may become permanent. When storing, roll Kool Kurtains and secure with strings. See storage directions in this product brochure. If a crease develops in the Kool Kurtains, hang the panel and allow the weight of the textile and the sun’s heat to diminish the crease.

  • Beware Sharp Edges

Although the tensile strength of Kool Kurtains is extremely high, a sharp edge or point can create a tear or rip in the fibers of CS80. If a tear should happen, repair of the damaged area may be possible by a Kool Kurtains repair shop. Contact for a list of shops capable of Kool Kurtains repairs.


Care Don’ts

  • Don’t allow horses to pull or chew on Kool Kurtains
  • Don’t fold Kool Kurtains for long periods
  • Don’t allow sharp edges to damage textile



Kool Kurtains are washable using mild detergent and water.

Brushing with a soft bristle brush can be effective for stains.

Use of a mixture of one cup bleach to four gallons of water is also effective for lighter colored CS80 if necessary.

Be sure to rinse Kool Kurtains thoroughly with clean water and allow to air dry.


Cleaning Don’ts!

  • Don’t use a pressure washer on Kool Kurtains as the force of the water may damage
  • fibers
  • Don’t use ammonia or harsh chemicals on Kool Kurtains
  • Don’t dry clean Kool Kurtains
  • Don’t wash/dry Kool Kurtains in a washing machine or dryer
  • Don’t iron Kool Kurtains




Storing Kool Kurtains

It is advisable to wash Kool Kurtains before storing for long periods.

(See directions included for cleaning)   Allow Kool Kurtains to dry thoroughly before storing.   It is best to roll Kool Kurtains around a tube foundation, secure with strings and store in a safe, dry location.


Storage: Don’ts!

  • Don’t fold Kool Kurtains for storage
  • Don’t place heavy objects on top of rolled Kool Kurtains
  • Don’t use adhesive tapes as the adhesive may stick to and damage the CS80 fibers


Warranty and Guaranty

Kool Kurtains come with a Lifetime Performance Warranty :

Under specified use and conditions, the performance of CS80 to deflect 80% of the sun’s heat rays is guaranteed for life.

Kool Kurtains come with a limited two year warranty against manufacturing defects.   This warranty is void if the product is misused, abused, or improperly installed or handled.


Questions?  Contact us at or  301-407-0744.


Kool Kurtains are a product of CSTechnologies, LLC.