The following statements came to us via emails and are unpaid, non-compensated and unsolicited.


I LOVE my Kool Kurtains.  They have saved my horses this spring.  It has been so buggy already.   This product hits it out of the ball park!!!  I can’t say enough about how great this product is.  I hope people will catch on.


Pru Glover




“We need to order more sets of Kool Kurtains …Our first four sets are working great and the horses and burros love them.   Texas is so hot and Kool Kurtains are great for keeping the heat out.   I have attached a few pictures….cutest is our burros with their heads out at each end. “

Melissa Seide Rubin

The Humane Society of the United States



I was not sure KK would make much of a difference, and I doubted that my horses would go through them, but I was wrong.  I installed KK on one side of my deep run-in as a test. The horses voted for KK’s! They go easily in and out and they clearly preferred the side with KK–that’s where all the manure piles were at the end of the day.  I ordered KK for the other side of the run-in and for my dog kennel, too. I am a true believer in KK’s.

N. Anne Davies




I don’t just like my new Kool Kurtains, I love them.  Only problem is now I need a set for the other end of the barn too.  Am calling you today to order another set. 

Cindy Suhonen






We have them on our barn aisle, windows and stall doors…what a difference in temperature.

Love that they keep birds and bugs out too.


Cheryl Sherman

Wolf Run Farm




Wow…what a great product.

Our horses love getting out of the sun and bugs.   Kool Kurtains really did create a cool, bug free haven for our horses just like the brochure said.   We will be ordering another set for our new barn.


Ron and Maria Vogel





HELP!  The boarders just approached me and are  concerned.  One of our run-ins has Kool Kurtains and the horses obviously love them.    The boarders are asking for Kool Kurtains for all the run-in sheds.  So I am asking to help solve our little problem here….can we order Kool Kurtains for the other 3 run ins.  Thanks.

We are putting a notice in our newsletter announcing that all sheds will have Kool Kurtains soon.


Alex Markoff